10 Things Every Driver Needs to Know – Crevalor Reviews

Add the windshield wiper liquid. You will find that the wipers don’t work as well in the absence of liquid for windshields.

2. Replace the oil. It is an essential task to keep your engine running effectively.

3. Cleaning the air filters. To improve the performance of your vehicle, you should replace all air filters regularly.

4. Checking the tire pressure. Ensure you check the tension in all four tires at a minimum every month.

5. Make sure you check your brake pads. If you see any sign of excessive wear, get new shoes and brake pads prior to them failing.

6. Checking fluids. Check the coolant, transmission fluid, and other fluids.

7. Alter the spark plugs. The wires that connect the spark plugs can break down over time, and old spark plugs could cause damage to your engine.

8. Check your turn signals, headlights and brake lights.

9. Verify the condition of your shock absorbers. Be sure that the shocks are properly adjusted.

10. Every now and again Check your battery cables. ngz5pxrn33.