A Recipe for Homemade Food for Dogs With Skin Allergies – Healthy Family Recipes

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It is first necessary to have Ground turkey, or beef. Cook the meat over a large amount of water. Afterward, boil some carrots in another pot and add frozen peas following a couple of minutes. In the same pan, you can add some spinach. Cook brown rice separately in addition.

Once the meat is done cooking, strain it. It will eliminate most of the fats, making it bad for dogs. After the food is prepared take it through a strainer and chop the carrots into tiny chunks. In a big bowl, include the meat that you have strained along with vegetables. Mix well and try it to taste. When the rice has been cooked, you can include it in the mix. Lastly, offer a bowl to your pup once everything has cooled down.

The remainder of food can be stored until can be. It is possible to freeze food for up to a week in Ziploc bags. Your dog will enjoy the treat!

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