Check Out These Custom Accessible Vehicles – Custom Wheels Direct

The eelchair is a platform that allows you to enter and leaving the vehicle. AT Conversions saw the problem and set out to fix it. This video will explain how AT Conversions approach to accessibility automobiles.

AT Conversions takes a preexisting vehicle and tailors it to let it be accessible to the owner. These include the most well-known automobiles and trucks. This allows the owner to be able to drive a vehicle with style. Most of these vehicles are having their doors changed with doors that are replaced. The Gullwing door can be opened to allow for easy access to the car. It only takes about twenty-five seconds to open or close completely. Car wheelchair platforms and ramps are also available. In addition, the owner of the vehicle can opt to have their existing manufactured seat altered. Each car is custom made to meet the specific needs and requirements of the individual client.

The initial step to convert vehicles is replacing the floor. A lower floor replaces the floor that is standard. It makes it wheelchair accessible. Also, the door has been modified in this period. Every piece of equipment is connected to the controller. This entire procedure takes around six weeks to finish.