Check Out These Custom Accessible Vehicles – Custom Wheels Direct

You must be able to enter and out of the car with a wheelchair or ramp. AT Conversions recognized this problem and set out to discover a solution. This video will explain what they did to solve the problem. AT Conversions approach to accessibility vehicles.

AT Conversions takes a preexisting vehicle and tailors it to make it accessible for the owner. It includes some of the most well-known cars and SUVs. It allows owners to get the vehicle that is wheelchair-friendly without having to sacrifice style. These vehicles often have their doors modified. The Gullwing door can be opened to allow for easy access to the car. It will take about twenty-five seconds to open or close the door automatically. Ramps and car wheelchair platforms are installed as well. It is also possible to alter the seat of the manufacturer. Each vehicle is able to be modified according to the needs of the owner.

One of the first steps in changing your vehicle is changing the floor. The default floor is taken away and a floor that is lower replaces it. This is to make it more accessible for wheelchairs. During this period, the doors can be adjusted. The entire equipment is connected to remote control. The whole process takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.