High Pressure Coolant Systems How They Work – Discovery Videos

Do not change the coolant inside the radiator when the engine is very hot. If you are driving your vehicle or car it is likely that the coolant contained in the radiator heats up quickly. The coolant is filled with water it and is heated until it reaches a temperature of high while driving. If you tried to lift the cap of the radiator, or even remove it once your engine is in a hot state, the boiling water would pour out. If it comes into contact with your hands or face, you could be severely injured. High-pressure cooling systems work like these.

If you’re planning on changing the radiator coolant inside your vehicle, truck or other vehicle, ensure that the temperature is cool and that you have not been driving around. It is dangerous to replace the coolant in high-pressure systems following a drive. Once the engine and radiator are cool, remove the cap on the radiator and allow the coolant to be refilled. If you’re not a mechanical expert, it is better to ask your local garage to fill in the fluid to your radiator. They’ll have the equipment for the task for high-pressure coolant systems. pwmon2mjxz.