How a Company Makes Money From Immediate Bail Bonds – FNBWB

It is primarily through the costs they pay to guarantee the defendant’s liberty until their court date. The video below explains how a company can make money from bail bonds, as well as how they can safeguard themselves from losses in case an accused fails to make it to their court appointment. A person is charged and are arrested for an offense. The person is held in jail until a bail hearing, which can take between 24-48 hours. A judge may set bail amounts for felonies.

The bail bond firm offers a means of making fast money by guaranteeing bail payouts for those who cannot pay. The bail bond company is responsible for the bail payment to the court for the person who is being charged. They usually charge a 10 percent to 15% charge. Whatever happens, regardless of whether the defendant is declared guilty or not, cash bail is refunded. The bail bondsman is required to pay the court in the event that the defendant doesn’t appear at court. A bail bonds company can legally provide collateral to the defendant to cover the bail sum.