How Do You Value Artwork? – Contemporary Art Magazine

It is impossible to determine the worth of an item. A licensed appraiser of fine arts can determine the value of an artwork. All excellent and wonderful but how do appraisers arrive at their estimates? The video below gives us an inside look into the way an appraiser performs his work.

An appraiser has to keep many points in mind when making a decision on the worth of a home. If the woodblock print is authentic, then it needs to be verified. If it is a printed reproduction, then it’s only worth the cost of the frame it’s in. The signature at the bottom right-hand corner of the frame isn’t enough for proving authenticity. Also, it must be able to show the connection between the ink and the paper. Everything must be scrutinized with precision using an magnifying glass, or by a professional who has been trained. After it has been confirmed as genuine, appraisers then factor into the quality of the printed paper as well as material. All of this is factored into the final cost.