How They Stay Warm in One of the Coldest Places on Earth – Boston Equator

One of the most cold areas on Earth is akutia. It’s possible to get to -47 degrees Fahrenheit. How can they keep comfortable in this cold? This video will reveal how they warm their home.

The first step is insulation. The building is made entirely of Siberian Larch. It is made of Oakum to pull the logs , to keep cool air from entering. The birds will sometimes grab some of the insulation to make their nests, so part of it needs to be replaced every year. Sometimes , it is possible to add snow as an additional layer of insulation. The inside of the house is heated by gas. It is estimated that they use 1200 cubit meters of gas per throughout the winter. Every floor is fitted with a radiator that heats up the home. A water heater is also likely to help heat water. The inside of the home can be very relaxing. The irony is that they have refrigerators within their doors, when the temperature outside is higher. It is convenient to not need to leave the house. Even if you’re not in Yakutia it is crucial for your home.