How to Build Boat Docks – Spokane Events

It will amaze you the ease of being able to complete the task yourself. YouTube’s movie “DIY Dock Construction by DockEdge+” will show you exactly what you need to do, what materials to buy, and how easy making a simple dock can be. Here’s more information.

The video demonstrates a fantastic method to build a 6′ by 16-feet dock using Howell 555 floats. Also, go online and locate a myriad of guides detailing all necessary materials needed to build docks. It is necessary to find an open area close to an ocean where you could build your dock on. It is then time to lay the lumber and hardware of the structure, using the online guide. The docks made of blue-label parts.

The products also offer one-and-half-inch plywood with the minimum size for stringers set at six inches. This instructional video shows two-by-6 stringers that have been treated by pressure. It’s always best to put all the pieces on the ground prior to beginning to put them together, so that it is possible to check whether there is everything you need already.

You can watch the rest of the video for more specifics about the construction of docks.