How to Change DTF Ink Brands in Your Direct-to-Film Printer – Contemporary Art Magazine

on distinct films prior to placing it on clothing. DTF printing, a heat transfer technique , also known as heat printing, holds the capability of outlasting traditional silkscreen printing. There are five essential things to be aware of prior to using DTF technology within your business. The following are three points in the video.

1. If you manage a printing firm, you’re conscious that the quality of your work is contingent on the high-quality of your inks and printers. With regards to DTF printing this is more true. It is essential to invest in a good printer and heat press to achieve the highest quality results, just like with other techniques for heat transfer.

2. It’s not always easy choosing the right DTFink However, it’s doable. There are ways to go about it and you can find a range of brands to choose from, however, first you need to know how to change DTF brand inks within your printer.

3. The best quality inks are DTF inks, but they’re also required to prevent printhead obstruction. We suggest using inks that are designed specifically for DTF printing and sourcing these from the USA with rigorous testing that improves quality assurance.