How to Properly Clean Your AC – J Search

Air condition service. We’re here in RoyTecTips We’ll show how you can take care of your air conditioner.
Your AC must be dry

After the AC has been running for a long duration, switch it off. It will take a couple of hours before you clean it. Drying your AC is a way to avoid having to deal with odors and moisture.

First, safety

Remember to turn off your AC and unplug it directly from the mains power source. Otherwise, it could cause an electrical accident when cleaning the AC.

Clean the filters

Remove the air filters from the AC and scrub them clean with the warm water. Be sure to wash away all dirt and other elements of the filter and let it completely dry before placing them back onto the AC.

Use an air blower

It is recommended to use an air compressor to wash your AC. Use the blower with care, and make sure that you blast through every part of your AC.

These tips will help to ensure the AC is running smoothly and effectively. Don’t call any air conditioner service, and look out for some of our AC videos.