Increasing Your Traffic Through Blogging

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As you begin blogging for your business, you can provide additional impact with targeted blog photos. Using copyright free images for blogs, your regular blog posts and content marketing has the additional benefit of increasing your search engine ranking. Following basic marketing tips using free images for blogs will ensure that you get the most benefit from your efforts.

First, you should decide on the type of content that you will write about and begin to plan a calendar for articles and posts. Identifying the best free images to use will give your posts an additional bit of credibility as well. As you plan your company blog topics, use the various holidays and events as part of your publishing calendar. For example, you can you integrate various holidays like Valentines Day or Memorial Day into your content. Looking at blog traffic, you may be surprised how mentioning seasonal events with your normal content can help boost traffic.

As you begin to plan out the frequency of blog posts, also look at the content topics and keywords that you want to address. As part of your blog traffic strategies, it will make sense to identify the best keywords and phrases to use in your blog posts. While using specific words and phrases is important, you should stress in your blog meetings that quality content should trump posts or articles that appear to have keywords gratuitously stuffed into the content.

Finally, look at ways to increase your readership and engagement with blog photos. If you have developed an email list of customers and prospects, you can use that as your primary way to introduce new blog posts. You can also provide links in your social media accounts. While on their own, the different channels may not bring in vast amounts of traffic, they will begin to have a cumulative effort in increasing your traffic. And traffic increases can ultimately converted to purchases and sales.

Once you have developed a posting calendar and content map with appropriate blog photos, you can look at converting your traffic from prospect to customer. As each visitor lands on your blog, encourage them to sign up for email announcements, a newsletter, or a free download. You can then use this list to continuously market to those readers.