One Picture, One Thousand Words Free Inforgraphics for your Blog

Infographics for blogs

No matter what you write or post about on your blog, you will have a variety of people viewing it. The first group, and for your sake hopefully the largest, is the die hard fans who check back daily and view anything and everything that you post. The second is the casual observer who will check back occasionally, and read whatever piques his interest. The third is the viewer who stumbles upon your site, and commits to reading what you have posted as well as looking into your back catalog. And the last is the viewer who stumbles upon your site, does not see anything of interest, and surfs right away.

The first group is obviously no concern, you have already won them over and therefore do not need to do anything special to keep them returning aside from regular posts. With the second group, you can work to improve their viewing experience by catering your presentation more to their tastes. For the third, you want to make sure that the site is easily accessible and the content is presented in such a way that it draws them deeper upon their first view. Now, group four is where you need to start playing to the internet mind set. Studies have shown that if a searcher does not see something to grab their attention within the first ten seconds of viewing a page, they are lost as a solid viewer and will soon surf past. You will need to make your site grab the casual surfer’s eye immediately.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using free images for blogs online or free blog infographics. A paragraph of a heartfelt confession of angst and anguish over the closing of the Denny’s down the street from you is, while passionate and honest to the point of baring raw emotion for the whole world to see, not quite the draw you need to snag a casual reader. Aside from a catchy blog post name, which you are not guaranteed they will even read, the best thing to strategically place is an eye catching picture. That is why you should search for free blog infographics to use for every post.

Free blog infographics are the first thing that the eye clicks on, no matter the viewer or the site, and if it accurately but interestingly portrays what is being discussed in the post, you have landed the hook and can begin to reel them in with your witty repartee.