Roofing Terminology You Need to Communicate With Roofing Companies – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

It is important to know the basic terms used by roofing contractors to effectively communicate to your roofing contractor. The following video can give you a great guide to the foundations of roofing systems as well as how to speak about them.

At first the first step, you must be able to discuss the roof’s slope. Roof pitches are often called pitch or slope. You might, for example, learn that you have a 10-12 pitch or an 18-12 pitch. The majority of the time, numbers higher indicate the roofs that are steeper.

It’s crucial for you to understand diverse roof features like drip edges, drip edges gutter vents as well as fascia and vents for gable roofs. These roof features are all accessible from the outside of your property and are set beneath the shingles themselves. Other roof components, such as the deck, moisture barrier, and flashing, aren’t visible from the ground , and generally are concealed beneath different roofing materials. They work together to prevent moisture from entering the attic. mrz35iuot4.