The Difference Between used, Rebuilt, And New Auto Parts – Discovery Videos

nts in your vehicle. There are numerous options when it comes to replacing and repairing parts of your car. One of them is the use of an independent auto repair shop or dealership’s service centre.

Whichever choice you make, bear the fact that there’s some difference in both. It’s not only with the service quality as well as the components utilized. Auto repair shops typically utilize aftermarket, rebuilt, or manufactured components. In contrast, a dealer’s service center typically uses OEM automobile components.

The majority of motorists are perplexed about the difference between these auto parts. When you are deciding on which service to use for your repair you must ensure that you understand what each part refers to.

It is important to note that every auto part comes with its drawbacks and advantages. It’s best to determine which you’d like, require and have the money for. If you are able to shell out a little more cash, the better option is to buy brand new components specifically designed for your car’s make and model.

This informational video from RockAuto Auto Parts explains the differences between new, used and remanufactured auto components.