This Mod Adds More Armor to Minecraft – Family Magazine

This can be a wonderful way to connect with your family. The key is to pick the most enjoyable ones. There are many games that don’t offer identical quality. There are some games that aren’t really worth it. Minecraft, however isn’t an exception to this list of games. Minecraft has become extremely popular due to a reason. It promotes creative thinking, problem solving as well as engineering and collaboration. It could be the perfect game for the whole family if you choose the appropriate server hosting. If you are planning on playing modded Minecraft, you will want to locate a server hosting service that can make setting up a mod Minecraft server simple. Bisect Hosting provides Minecraft Forge server hosting. Most Minecraft mods run by Forge. Although the process of setting up an Forge server could be involved, Bisect Hosting makes it extremely easy. You will soon be playing amazing Minecraft mods like the one in this short video.

An intriguing Minecraft mod is the Immersive armors mod. The mod adds several new armor sets for Minecraft. That’s why the name. Each set comes with its own design and crafting technique as well as capabilities. As an example, one kind of armor provides the wearer protection spikes that attack enemies that harm the wearer. So, it is similar to the enchantment of thorns.