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If you are looking to find more details about laboratory for urology pcr, and its working. A PCR lab refers to polymerase chain reaction. It it was first discovered around 20 years ago , to produce duplicates of the gene that is of interest. The use of visual techniques allows for the identification of the smallest DNA molecules. The structure of the test is identical regardless of the sort or purpose. The four things needed to perform this kind of lab test includes a DNA template, DNA polymerase enzyme, both forward and reverse primers, nucleotides, as well as buffers for stabilizing the enzyme. The enzyme prolongs the lifespan of primers. It should yield only the desired DNA. This laboratory is able to heat the DNA and breaks the DNA strands into two to enable replication. The primer bonds to the template, and then denaturation can occur at the proper temperature for a long enough time period. The information you need is available through the research reports by experienced researchers, and requesting assistance. egoafcha6u.