What Is EMDR Trauma Therapy? – Home Town Colorado


A variety of traumas may cause mental health issues such as post-traumatic Stress Disorder. The therapy of talking may not be enough for people to erase their negative experiences and the constant imagery. As per Psyche Hub Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing could be an effective form of therapy for those who suffer from PTSD. It is a great option when other therapies aren’t enough to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

EMDR trauma therapy is a therapy that is supported by evidence and has been proven to work. It works by having a specialist trained in this form of therapy to keep clients relaxed and in a comfortable position. After that, the therapist will teach the patient a variety of techniques to help the patient relax and attain the goals they’ve established. Following EMDR trauma therapy, the client discusses with their therapist all memories and experiences that can be difficult.

As they discuss their memories, they are also watching something moving for them to keep their eyes on. This may be a pencil or other item carried by the person who is the therapist. It helps calm and allow individuals to communicate more freely. This desensitizes people to the memories and makes them have lesser power over patients.