What you Need to Know About Invisalign – Metro Dental Care

The reason is that Invisalign employs transparent molds that are difficult to be able to see. They are replaced each two weeks to guarantee the alignment of your teeth. Let’s take a look at some the things that you need to learn about Invisalign.

First, you should know that aligners are frequently used. You should only take out your aligners when you eat. The reason this is so important is to think about as if you’re not wearing your aligners more often than you need to wear them, they’ll not be capable of fixing your teeth in the manner you would like.

Cleansing your aligners every day is another important thing to be ready for. The aligners need to be cleaned every day the same way you wash your teeth. Make sure your teeth are protected from bacteria and dental cavities.

Last but not least, one factor to be aware of is drinking coffee or tea. These drinks can stain your aligners. If you are a frequent drinker of either coffee or tea, the aligners of your body will be stained.